Mold Remediation

Mold, a type of fungus, is commonly present in the natural environment. Mold spores are part of the dust collected in homes, offices and elsewhere. Excessive levels of moisture can spark a mold growth that can cause decay and may even pose as a health hazard in some persons. Additionally humid indoor conditions, as a result weather conditions, broken water pipes, leaking water heaters, or leaks through doors and windows, can also contribute to conditions favorable to mold growth.

Excessive mold growth and prolonged exposure to it may affect the health of your family and employees by exacerbating allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Mold spores enter the body through ingestion, dermal exposure and inhalation, and may result in runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, asthma attacks, sinus congestion, and other respiratory problems. Sometimes it may even lead to systemic fungal infections.

Mold Remediation Services

Our professional mold removal services help to remove mold spores and mold growth from buildings, offices, homes and personal possessions. Our certified mold removal specialists are the best that can be found in Broward, Palm Beach, Miami Dade and Monroe Counties.


We follow appropriate guidelines and strict procedures when it comes to mold abatement so that mold does not become airborne, which can cause additional property damage or spread to other areas. From visual examination of property to mold removal, Mold Remediation, Inc. offers a host of mold remediation services.

If you feel your property has been invaded by mold spores and unsightly mold growth, contact us for a mold remediation consultation to let professionals handle the matter with ease.