Water Damage

Water damage can be devastating to properties since it may cause mold growth and structural damages. Water damage can be caused by outside leaks, plumbing system failure, dishwasher leakage, broken pipes, clogged toilet, washing machine overflow, roof leaking, moisture behind walls and bad weather. Small scale water damage restoration does not always require demolition of building materials and in many cases can be done fairly quickly. On the other hand, some large scale flooding may requires water extractions from ceilings, hardwood floors, walls, carpets and even the structural components of the property.

Water Damage Repair Services

 At Mold Remediation, Inc., we realize how much damage water and flooding can cause to your property. Whether it is sewage and water damage restoration or total drying of structures, we have state-of-the-art equipment and professional technicians that know how to get the job done properly and within budget.

waterOur specialists may initially use high accuracy hygrometers, infra red thermography, and other measuring devices, to measure the moisture levels in the floors, walls, carpets, and ceilings. We then carry out water damage repairs using one or more industry accepted methods which may include desiccant and/or refrigerant dehumidifiers to decrease moisture levels, create dry air and minimize damages, as well as high speed fans to quickly evaporate moisture and dry up items and structure. After drying up, our reconstruction team can provide you with a detailed estimate and working schedule for the repairs.

When it comes to water damage, the longer you wait, the more secondary damages can result. So call Mold Remediation, Inc. immediately for pack up and storage and the necessary repairs at 888-305-MOLD or 888-954-MOLD.